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Cordell Transportation Co., LLC

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Dayton, OH 45414


December 05, 2020

by A Merrill

Lousy Company at best

My husband worked for Cordell, and did whatever they ask him to do. When the rest of the drivers got a raise in November, he did not. Then to add insult to injury, they refuse to pay him for the last run he made for them. It is such a lousy company the dear lady that RAN the Indianapolis office left! Dayton headquarters does not care about their employees, especially the drivers. They cannot keep good drivers, like my husband, or even lousy drivers. They are only concerned about their profit, and excuse my language "but screw the drivers!" His last check was should have been for $1200 for the week, plus $200 they shorted him the week before. Instead they paid him $600. He had to call Dayton and Heather admitted it was her fault. So they sent a check to the Indianapolis office. And they shorted him $200 again! They lied and said they told him if he bobtailed back to Indy from Clayton, OH they would not pay him and could charge him for the fuel. When in fact, after numerous calls regarding a flat on a trailer he was suppose to pull (dropped by a driver who did not do a post-trip) he was told only that they did not condone him leaving. They lied and told him the tire repair people were on their way. Over an hour later the tire guy called to say he would be there in 90 minutes! So if you enjoy being lied to and not paid for all you do, this is the company for you. By the way, my husband has almost 25 years of truck driving experience. He does not have to put up with this kind of abuse. I know, I drove for over 25 years myself!

October 03, 2017

by jack johnes


lies lies and lies