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January 1, 1970


By Patti Rivera
First I want to say the company is great to work for if you have the right management team. My husband worked in New Jersey in Vineland and he loved it The only reason for leaving the company was we moved to Florida. My husband was supposed to be transferred to the Tampa office. My husband then met Nick the manager. The nasty remarks made to him were unnecessary. He was told I only did this because he had to. He was told from the door he did not like Northerners and their sloppy habits. My husband had not even started yet. He worked there for 2 days and was treated like an outcast. On his way to work he got stuck in a like up. Let co. know was 10 mins late and fired. Unemployment was activated from day one. His attitude was horrible and if he's any rep for the co. stay away.
January 1, 1970

Current Driver

I was treated bad by Nick too... then met a Torrissi driver at Wawa West palm Beach who complained about him too...URGENT REMOVAL PLEASE!!
January 1, 1970


By Jose
Nick and noel Harris when torrissi or Mike pensa visit the terminal is friendly with the driver but when they leave they talk shit about the drivers and treat them bad .
January 1, 1970

Tampa terminal is a nightmare!

Terminal manager Nick Dagostino is an a**hole. Nobody last. Good company to work for but it's impossible to work when you have a bad manager that only wants is to steal money from the workers.
January 1, 1970

Driver spouse

By Nasheira
Rude staff. Husband went in for an interview at tampa location when manger Nick was unprofessional in his conduct saying to him he called him in for an interview because his boss was on his case about it. How rude. Had high hopes about company but i guess i was wrong
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