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Container Port Group, Inc.

1340 Depot St., Ste 103
Cleveland, OH 44116


February 17, 2018

by Jack

Owner operator

Worked out of the Newark terminal. Don't even waste your time with these people!!!! Every week there was some excuse as to why nobody could provide me a copy of my settlement statement. No matter how hard I ran I rarely saw a positive balance on my pay at the end of the week. Many times loads were cancelled with no warning and no load to replace them with only to bobtail home 130 miles UNPAID because there's no freight. All of the equipment is worn out and beyond broken. The option is there to get it fixed, eventually, but you are stuck waiting all day to get a half @$$ repair done that will break again.

May 26, 2016

by Mat

Owner operator

The worst company I worked for.. dispatcher plays favoritism.. the change rates and rules as they please but not for everyone just for laughs favorite drivers. I would never recommend this company to anybody.

February 17, 2016

by Charles Mueller

Owner operator

This company don't even rate one star because if you work for them and leave you will not see any money that is owed to you! Personally I would deter drivers from going to work at any of there locations. This rating is minus one star but the system won't let me post that