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September 05, 2016

by X

OTR Driver

I began working for XPO April 2016. Since that time, I've not been able to keep up with my basic monthly debts. Twice I've went home to have no power because I couldn't pay my $70 utility bill. I have had to pay my $650 per month rent in increments, which was taking up a large portion of my $298 checks every week. If it hadn't been for the help of my church I would have already list my car. My truck is always in the shop, and the company DOES NOT care about any of the things I've mentioned. I've been told by many seasoned drivers that if I try to leave for another company they will put fake accidents on my driving record. DO NOT GO TO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!! #tryingtogetawayfromherefast

June 11, 2016

by JJ


Since XPO took over its worse in my opinion. Their freight is less, you may get one high mile week, then average one week, then below average for the remaining two weeks of the month. Even after a 34hr reset,don't plan on great miles, you speak with them about it, but the same old pattern continues. Also I been here for several years and they just can't seem to get it that this mile pattern is terrible for your HOS recaps. So it's a real roller coaster. Overall the people are good to speak with, it's just they correct miles for a week or 2and then it's back to same old pattern, then you have to tell them again. I wouldnt/can't recommend anybody to the company for this reason alone. Also XPO has no clue except to chipping and cutting away at driver benefits. Also old mcp-100 Qual-Comms, slow slow slow functioning, they say they going to replace them for over a year now, hasn't happened yet!! I don't plan on staying here, it's been downhill for past year or so. Just beware before you think of signing on with them. Roller coaster miles week to week, strip down driver comforts in trucks no APU, etc, reductions in company since XPO took over, high driver turnover, you get the message.