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Central Point, OR 97502


July 25, 2017

by Lori Brat Beeler

Feeling Like Family

This is the best company my husband has worked for! They will do what no other company will do to keep you running, safe on the road, and feeling like family! If you don't feel like you fit in in your current company give combined a try you will love it here!

July 25, 2017

by Donnie Tealer

Best Company

I love this company best trucking company I ever worked for

July 25, 2017

by Rick Moore

Treated Like Family

I've been driving professionally since 1998 and have pulled most everything out there for many different trucking outfits and not one of those companies can even hold a candle to Combined Transport. They don't make me 'feel' like family, they prove that I 'AM' family here. Thank you Combined for an opportunity of a lifetime!

July 25, 2017

by Greg Joshua

Excellent Company

Good morning fam, I am a 20plus year driver that just came to work here at Combined (Blackwell) so far I have absolutely no complaints, they have by far exceeded my expectations. I have worked for many companies in the industry and rarely am I on a name to name basis usually I feel like I'm just a number. Came from Carhauling , now in reefer can't wait to change lanes into glass!!!!!!! Excellent company!!!!!!!

July 25, 2017

by Conchetta Frankie Baker

Thank You

I would like to thank Combined for all the help & consideration that was given to my husband, Jim Baker, and I during his load to Canada. My Jim has been trucking almost 50 years and we have never seen another company take care of their employees like this company does. Jim can't wait to be back in the saddle. Shawn thank you and for the extra mile you and the office crew went in helping me to get him back home.

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