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September 29, 2016

by Luiz Kinceski

Truck driver

Bob Evans is the biggest a**hole I've ever met, I did the right thing and gave them my 2 week notice and cleaned out the truck and got f***ed, they kicked me out of the office and made me walk with a 70lb bag and a 50lb backpack and hitch hike back to Oklahoma City, and stole my last paycheck

February 27, 2016

by mike meza

truck driver

I turned down three other offers to go to work at climate express, after 6 months there I was only too happy to leave, I found that I was not getting loads I would pick up, instead I was told to bring the load back to the yard so some other driver in their "preferred fleet" could come in to do a drop and hook at my expense, resulting in a loss of income for me. Their management at the dispatcher level left me wondering how this company makes any money, the dispatchers make games up that result in drivers taking home really small pay checks. The two women in the office have jobs because their fathers are partners in this company and love to get involved in business that does not concern them, they are grossly over paid. If you think I am making this up then go to work there and slowly but surely you will see the pattern show itself. I do not know the turn over rate but the lousy dispatchers will prove what I've written to be true.