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Carolina Cargo, Inc. of Rock Hill

2310 Crowder Rd.
Rock Hill, SC 29730


May 09, 2019

by Brian Frank


DONT DO IT, THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS! Carolina Cargo lacks any chance of resembling a company that has an ethical compass or decent company standards.          I started Carolina Cargo in September, 2018 with 5+ years experience being a trainer most of that time.  Quit in April 2019.  I have been broken down for days at least 5 or 6 times, and they have a lousy break down department and you have to beg to receive breakdown pay of $50. Most of the drivers are felons that are severely taken advantage of, paid to get their CDL from a truck driving school.   When they complete school, they talk to one of two recruiters, Brad or Tiffany.   Brad tells new recruits that they will make $840 in the second week at $.14 a mile and at least that every week after.  A Carolina Cargo driver rarely gets 6000 miles, so a new driver will hardly ever even see $500 in a week.  He also tells recruits that they can go home for 4 days just after being on the road for 2 weeks, but that is not so.  He misleads people into believing that Carolina Cargo will help you get home on your home time, but that is also a lie.    When you want to go home, you have to find your own way there and back from Rockhill, SC.  He also says you will get paid weekly, that also, is not true.  They will always hold a "trip" but that trip has to be at least 2000 miles before they will release your money from the "trip" prior.  If you ever decide to quit, they will hold your last pay check for 14 business days,  that's 3 weeks!  This will make you think twice about quitting.     Carolina Cargo has made me beg them so many times for money that was rightfully owed.  I always had to compare my statement to what I did prior to make sure it matched, most of time, it did NOT. I then had to call and beg. Speaking about calling, sont bother, they will hardly ever answer. That goes for dispatchers, payroll, and maintenance. Only people that you can get a hold of on a regular basis is Safety and of course, recruiting! One time they fired my trainee while we were broke down in Los Angeles,  CA.  They told him he was NOT allowed back on the truck and for me to leave him in the streets of L.A., broke and hungry!  I was angry because my trainee was a very kind person and a great driver.  Carolina Cargo said the reason he was fired in the streets of L.A. was because he filled his application wrong! Western Express won't take murderers, rapists, or even child molesters, but that may be where Carolina Cargo has a niche.         If I knew anymore felons with a CDL that needed a nice, caring, cooperative,  honest, and fair place to drive, I would NOT suggest Carolina Convict, but I would tell them to call Bree Tatum, 615-846-3705 and also fill out an application here Carolina Cargo cheats and deceives its employees, and has policies in place that make it very difficult for someone with a tarnished past to ever leave the company. They are concerned only with their bottom line, although the owner will give you a story about second chances. The only chance that one can expect by being employed by this company is the chance to be taken advantage of. This is certainly not moral!    Carolina Cargo isnt known as Carolina Convict because of the drivers they hire, but because of the day to day operations in the office. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL AND KNOW THERE ARE MUCH BETTER COMPANIES OUT THERE.