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12549 S Holiday Drive Unit D
Alsip, IL 60803
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April 11, 2022

by Barry Stone

Nothing but a smooth ride!

Been with the company a month and it's been nothing but a smooth ride! They definitely going to keep you moving. Also, no forced dispatch. You can put in a suggestion to go where you want and they are going to do their best to find you a good load there, or at least going that direction. The clients they send us to are in and out, it's literally get loaded or unloaded and you're out of there and on to the next. I've never waited longer than 30 minutes for the next load, as long as it's in business hours. Now as for the money, of course that's the part that counts! They are paying company starting out better than most companies out there based on experience but coming in @ .75 cent a mile. Safe to say, you're a runner and wanna put it 32-35 miles a week and some money see those $2,500.00 checks, then give them a chance. I haven't regretted it yet and I don't think I will be!!

April 11, 2022

by Ke Ca

If you're looking for a good company, look no further!

I have just started with this company. I am taking advantage of their Lease to Purchase Program. They have good rates on this program. The amount charged per mile for maintenance fees is a good rate and covers all the essential parts. It's a Good Deal!! Everybody I have met and dealt with at the company is friendly, understanding, helpful and very nice to talk with! They are truly concerned with your happiness, well being, home time, and loads (money made)!!! It all starts with the recruiter I dealt with, she was very upfront, honest, and even has sent me text or called on few occasions throughout the process and after even!! So if you're looking for A GOOD COMPANY TO JOIN, THIS IS IT!! I have even spoke with the OWNER!! That's not the case at very many places!!

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