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January 20, 2016

by Bruce


Wasn't sure about Bolus Freight, but I started to talk to their drivers at truck stops and customers in the northeast when I saw them. Almost all had good things to say about the company (a few didn't) ,, Their drivers that I spoke to mostly said they have great home time and they do work with you when they can. Most said they are a solid company, been in business for over 85 years (I liked to hear that). I joined them about 5 months ago and so far I like it. Money is pretty fair, I am home when I need to be. I found out that as long as I do the paperwork correctly, the pay issues go away. I took a chance and I am happy I did (so far). Dispatch is pretty good to work with. They are strict on logs and DOT stuff, but overall, my family is happy and I am satisfied with the them. I would recommend them if you want good home time and a decent job.

Bolus Freight Systems, Inc.

700 N Keyser Ave.
Scranton, PA 18504