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Blair Logistics, LLC

PO Box 8306
Ensley, AL 35218


September 10, 2015

by G.C


I've been here for a short period of time & I've had to deadhead almost 60 miles in 3 loads to get loads. Blair deals with a lot of brokers which can be a huge downfall for O/O. No one is in the blair office on weekends or holidays. After hours calls are routed to the PNS office and they are clueless why we call them, so they advise you to contact someone at blair & have them call PNS. 1st load paid $3.00 pm everything else has been complete garbage. I'm cutting my ties now before I get into debt running for them.

August 29, 2015

by M.Ray Myers

driver o/o

I more or less slede into this company from the loss of another,and i'm very proud to say i was lucky to meet some very good people in the process.freight is aways avalible,and thepersonnal are ready to assist you in any way.
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