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January 1, 1970


By LeAnne Stoneberg-Schultz
I guess the reason that I am enjoying it at the moment is,they have me on a truck with a MARRIED MAN and these dumb sum b*$@^?S are allowing this to go on. We are banging each others brains out,perk.Even though I have a fiance, what he don't know won't hurt him!!! The people that run this company are rude,nasty, liars,crooks and cheats. They say this is a Christian run company, did you read what I just wrote,NOT!!! I would not recommend this company at all. There are not any pros associated with this company.Cons out the wazoo!!!!
Big M Transportation, Inc.
(662) 815-5000
6341 B Highway 15
Blue Mountain, MS 38610