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December 09, 2019

by Melissa Mottern

Happy wife of an owner operator!

AMAZING! That is the very first word to come to mind when it comes to Barbers. My husband is employed by these guys and it's truly amazing. Everything they tell you that you can expect will happen, plus so much more positive things as well. They offer amazing home time, great pay benefits, they are very family oriented, you can trust that no matter what they will always do you right, whether it's the owner, the office ladies, the guys in the garage, and even the other drivers. This company is like one big family! So many trucking companies will say things they want you to hear, just to get you there. Then once you are, they go back on it all. With Barbers, everything they tell you, is exactly what happens! They honestly have so much to offer. As the wife of a truck driver, it is hard to ever be happy about your spouse working as a trucker, especially because of the usual lack of hime time, but Barber makes it so much easier to handle, because they make sure family is always the top priority! I would recommend anyone and everyone to come work for them. I promise, you wont be disappointed. Chances are, if you are, it's because someone is not willing to put in the work. Because if you are willing to work, Barber will make sure it's a great experience. Theres never a fear of job security either, which for the trucking industry, that's huge! If you or someone you know is looking for a wonderful employer to drive for, choose Barber Trucking! They are the best you'll ever find!

December 06, 2019

by Justin Jackson

Company Driver

Since coming to Barber Trucking almost ten years ago now I can say the biggest change in my work life is “consistency”. Consistent work. Consistent pay. Consistent reliable equipment. Barber Trucking truly believes in “family”. My family as well as the Barber Trucking family. They have stood by me through all family matters. They truly care that you working for them benefits ALL of your family. At Barber Trucking it’s definitely a team. No matter where you are at our drivers work together and help each other everyday. I’m proud to be part of that. There is no better garage crew or maintenance schedule in the trucking industry that I’ve seen in 21 years on the road. They take great care of their equipment to keep us reliably rolling no matter the elements. From support, planning, load info given, directions and training I don’t know how Barbers could make my job any easier for me.

December 06, 2019

by William Oakes

Company Driver

“I’m incredibly happy [here at Barber Trucking, Inc.], I regret not making the switch sooner!”

December 06, 2019

by Dan Barnett


“I first came to Barber Trucking back in 2013 as a new driver with limited experience. When I came here, I found a friendly environment. A place where at any given time not only can you see any one of the office personnel as well as shake the owner’s hand. I have left a few times but never because the company did anything wrong to me. But I felt I needed to try new things. Every time I came back home to Barber’s. I call Barber’s home because that is what it is. At barber Trucking you are a person not a number, you are a valued member of the Family and they even know your kid’s and wife’s name, and ask how they are as well. I will not pretend that Barber’s is perfect at all. I have worked for many companies and none are. But Barber’s is darn close. There are things that could be improved but you will find that anywhere. If you found a perfect company you wouldn’t be reading this now. The pay here is some of the best I have found as well as the benefits. The equipment is well maintained by a top-notch crew of mechanics who care to keep us safe and comfortable. There are many opportunities here to grow and prosper. If your willing to work. This is a flatbed company so it is hands on and hard work. Home time here at Barber’s is a high priority and barring an unexpected Trucking event you will be home EVERY weekend. And when it comes to the owner Joe Barber, he is one of the very best I have ever had. No matter how many times I left (4 times) he accepted me back with a hand shake. To anyone who may join us I say “welcome to the family.” To those who choose not to I say “safe travels and I’ll see you on the road.” I have made a very good living working with the Barber family. I’m sure you can too.”

December 06, 2019

by Don Swartzman

Retired Company Driver

“Thank you so much for the wonderful retirement party. It truly was a great surprise!! Thanks for all our years as part of the Barber family. The nice birthday wishes, the wonderful Christmas hams (gonna miss that), the summer picnic, the appreciation days, not just for the drivers, but the families. That’s what makes Barber the family feeling, not a corp #!!! We hope to enjoy our retirement not sure about the growing older part! Time to relax, enjoy our wonderful boys and grandchildren. Thanks again,hope we can continue to be apart of the Barber family!!!”
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