Baldwin Transfer Co., Inc.

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January 25, 2017


I have worked at baldwin for 11 months.first time went to Texas have had some hard times here lately.haven to take care of my grandkids and going to doctor for myself.but I had to ask for a advance while I was in Texas thay said no so I went two days with nothing to eat.I made it with gods help and I worked on till now Jan I found myself in another mess with my bills again I asked for a advance on my on come in check again was told I quit.I could not work for people ho dont care about you at all. A new driver dont have a chance there.thay take care of the one's that has been there.on mlk day thay said no work but all the older drivers worked and new ones didn't.and then thay asked me to work the weekend.You better not ever wont them to help you .

Baldwin Transfer Co., Inc.

(251) 433-3391

PO Box 2925
Mobile, AL 36652

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