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May 17, 2017

Independent Trucker

Honest company, gives us all the tools we need to succeed. See some here complaining, the only reason to complain here is if your the typical can't run your own business type of trucker, we all know them. I'll retire from trucking here most likely. Seven years and counting so far.
April 25, 2017


They suck bring lots of Vaseline and don't plan on getting a check.
June 14, 2016


Nice people's work with. One thing I like during winter snow storm they don't force to drive . I'll tell dispatches I'm park until it's safe to drive again. Like boss said loads not important. Why take a chance bad weather. Dispatch can change plan n change date pu or del. When I ask time off n the plan they let me off. Best company I ever work for. I like Autumn take care am drivers 2290 n take settlement out pay 2290. And now they are not doin anymore so now drivers have to take care that one thing I don't like.
November 25, 2015


Used to be a good place to lease on (2007), now they push a bs tablet on you and complain that you have the gps disabled, if I'd known they were making such drastic changes (owners daughter) upfront I'd never have come back. Don't stand up for yourself to Mary in safety or you'll get your walking papers, probably get them anyways if you screw up on a log (it wasn't falsified, logged it how I ran it and the scale house at Cedar Rapids IA was open late one night and caught me. Took my lumps and went on. Autumn brought me what would have been 500 miles out of route (if I'd completed the run / they canceled my lease / lease purchase) when I got to the yard. Ask them about it. New blood has ruined the company.

Autumn Transport, Inc.

(651) 738-6998

6550 Courtly Rd.
Saint Paul, MN 55125

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