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September 8, 2017


By Gunner Gibbs
Cheats crooks what else u need to know full of sh*t
April 20, 2017


By owner operator
i'm working here right now, but i think not for too long because that is a crazy office and the situation is unbearable it is a disaster and the worst thing is that nobody does anything to solve the big problems of operation and honesty they have. i do not recommend to work for this Houston, TX office----- yo no recomiendo trabajar en asf houston terminal,eso es un desastre de oficina el despacho es una locura,no tienen organisacion y lo peor nadie hace nada por arreglar los problemas de organisacion que tienen
January 7, 2016


By Jeff
Yes a bunch of liars and crooks
November 20, 2015

owner opperator

By zack
ASF in Memphis, TN is not worth applying for. A lot of the drivers there do not even understand how they are getting paid!! WTF!! thats how they f*ck you!! if you speak with Ron he is the biggest liar!! there CSA score is 99, they want tell you that, if you pass any scale with that high of a score your subject to get any inspection at the DOT will which ever level they seem fit!!, All their freight is heavy 42-44000lbs, they get the sh*tty freight due to a poor CSA score, that's just the nature of the business!! also they're shorting drivers money due to the fact they will have to pay a lot of fines to have a DOT number, all drivers should understand that. Look up their CSA score and do your homework on them
ASF Intermodal LLC
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