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January 1, 1970

Memphis ASF

By Customer
No stars if I could, terrible service.
January 1, 1970

Don't believe anything

By Wayne
I was an o/o out of the Memphis term.. Truck went down and got talked into leasing a truck from priority leasing and omg that's when the screwing began. 0 checks every other week and pay check always wrong missing a load.. Even after resending paperwork 3 times.. Always the big loads are ones that's not being paid in a timely manner.. Almost went bankrupt from them playing games with my check.. Priority is a whole other subject of their own.. Don't walk but run away from ASF. Don't think twice and don't look back.. Do Not let them talk u into any kind of leasing a truck from any leasing company that they offer.... U been warned!!!!
January 1, 1970


By Linwood butler
They steal from us every week, they'll find any reason on earth to go into your check. Any. When u get a nice check. Here come some charges u never knew anything about. Every Tuesday I'm in the office arguing about my money. Is currently putting in applications as we speak
January 1, 1970


President lies and steals. Got goat f***ed into a priority leasing freightliner, piece of junk, the throat back-stabbing outfit. Do not recommend anyone to work for these idiots.
January 1, 1970


By Gunner Gibbs
Cheats crooks what else u need to know full of sh*t
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