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February 11, 2018

Don't believe any thing

I was an o/o out of the memphis term.. Truck went down and got talk in to leasing.. A truck from priority leasing and omg that's wen the screwing begin. 0 checks every other week and pay check always wrong missing a load.. Even after resending paperwork 3 times.. Always the big loads is ones thats not being paid on a timely manner.. Almost went bankrupt from them playing games with my check.. Priority is an whole nother subject of their on.. Dont walk but run away from asf. Don't think twice and dont look back.. Do Not let them talk u into any kind of leasing..A truck from any leasing company that they offer.... U been warned!!!!
December 25, 2017


They steal from us every week, they'll find any reason in earth to go into youre check. Any. When u get a nice check. Hear come some charges u never new anything about. Every Tuesday I'm in the office arguing about my money. Is currently putting in applications as we speak
November 24, 2017


President lies and steels. Got goat fucked into a priority leasing freightliner, piece of junk, c
September 8, 2017


Cheats crooks what else u need to know full of s_i_
April 20, 2017


i'm working here right now, but i think not for too long because,that is a crasy office and,the situation is unbearable it is a disaster,and the worst thing is that nobody does anything to solve the big problems of operation and honesty they have. i do not recomend to work for this houston,tx office-----

yo no recomiendo trabajar en asf houston terminal,eso es un desastre de oficina el despacho es una locura,no tienen organisacion y lo peor nadie hace nada por arreglar los problemas de organisacion que tienen
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ASF Intermodal LLC

(251) 287-8159

3812 Springhill Ave.
Mobile, AL 36608

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