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ART Logistics, Inc.

425 W Factory Rd.
Addison, IL 60101


February 14, 2021

by Daren

Good company

I have spent a full year here as my third trucking company. The other two companies were ten times bigger and this one is ten times better than those. The boss and staff are professional and efficient and that motivates me. The staff is professional, and they value the driver and it shows in their actions. No attitude or tones by this group of dispatchers and staff. Pay is on time and at competitive rates. If you like to run miles and don’t want to see your living room each time you do 200 miles, give this company a call and let them know that #2270 sent you. Fair pay and professional staff. No company is perfect, so forget about expecting that; it’s foolhardy. However, the efficiencies in this one will save you a lot of the stresses you are likely to meet in MOST other trucking companies. I’m never sitting waiting to roll. I’m happy to drive for this company