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March 31, 2020

by Tim Scanlon

Truck driver

I been a truck driver since 2013 and Arka is the best place I've worked for so far. Good home time, good pay as long as you put in the miles. Some are hard to understand but most are decent, they are always willing to work you on whatever problem you're having. Nice people that seem like they car. I might of had too many days off but I do get sick alot unfortunately.... but they are keeping me on bored thankfully and when I'm out there I do my best. Good benefits that are affordable. I am otr driver out for 4-6 days a week, home every weekend, got a brand new 2020 freightliner with mini fridge, inverter, and apu system. If you willing to do the work and communicate, you'll like this place, the people, and the benefits. Plus once in a while they got some special projects for you to make some extra pretty pennies lol

October 18, 2019

by Charles perry

Terrible company

Giving this company 1 star is truly to much. Charles in recruiting will say anything and do anything to get you into orientation ( started as an owner operator and he told me 8000$ gross a week I never grossed over 4500$) Charles will also get on various trucking forums and defend arka, bullpen express, and bjt ( different parts of arka but still arka) I had troubles with my semi truck and told charles I would quit because of the luck I was having at arka and not making any money so he begs me to come drive one of there trucks and I did so and then a month later they fire me saying I’m noti available to work when they need me which is total bs I run hard 600 miles or so a day in my truck because I have bills to pay that don’t stop coming. When you first get to orientation they will hand you at least 200 pages of various documents to sign so that they can nickel and dime you to death when you work there and after you leave. They make you pay back anything they’ve paid for drug tests, hotels, flights everything if you don’t work there for 6 months. Every person there is lithuanian and speaks such bad English that there is a huge language barrier and there some of the rudest and heartless people I’ve ever met ( when I “quit” they fired me, they literally expected me and my wife to walk off there property in Chicago and walk to wherever I was gunna go to with all of my clothes and everything you bring in a semi truck with you 2x since my wife was with me) had a standoff in there truck where they literally told me to give them the keys and get out and start walking. Needless to say they bought me a bus ticket home and a taxi to the greyhound. How nice of them right a nice bus ride all the way to Florida over 1000 miles. Also good luck getting even 2000 miles a week here they run chicago to Atlanta for the most part They make owner operators and company drivers have escrow accounts Owner op escrows being 2800$ split between 3 separate accounts which I got 400 of my 2800 back so they literally steal from you and say you signed the papers blah blah blah. Company drivers having a 1000$ escrow account that 100$ every week will come out and don’t think you’ll get that money back they will find a way to keep it. There might dispatch is the most pitiful thing I’ve ever encounter there literally not good for anything and can do nothing for you so what is the point in night dispatch. I’m sure charles will read this and delete it so I have screen shotted it and will continue to repost this for anyone that tries to come work here you are forewarned they are the biggest liars and thieves I have yet to come across.

September 09, 2019



Great place, great managers, top pay and great trucks. Benefits are affordable and people are like a family here.

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