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Abilene Motor Express

PO Box 34507
Richmond, VA 23234


July 16, 2017

by Melanie


I can tell u me my husband a r a team here he been a Cdl holder and or driver for 16 years me I have been otr for 5 now this bye far best company we have worked for been here 2 years and will retire from here well not lie this company has it issues like ever one does but miles and trucks are amazing and there a family company I have not missed one thing at home since I been here the have got me home in 1 day when my grandpa was passing we had muti scares with him they got me home ever time no ? Asked Christmas and thanksgiving I have been home for past 2 years on my dates I asked off and miles well there there

March 17, 2016

by Bernard Willis


I am currently in my probationary period and I am enjoying it a lot! No complaints. Everyone has been very helpful. I feel that with any position it's up to the driver and they will get out what they put in.

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