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Owner operator jobs are perfect for individuals who have an independent spirit and would like to take the wheel of their financial career. An owner operator career allows for the flexibility to choose what jobs you want to take and be able to control when you work and how much you want to earn. Not only are you a driver in the field of owning and operating, but you are also a business owner.

Benefits of being an owner operator job include:

  • Handpicking what jobs you want to do
  • Working the hours you choose
  • Driving on your own terms (no stress from a boss)
  • $82,000 is the average salary for owner operators (according to indeed.com) (Note: many factors affect actual grossing income such as class of CDL, endorsements of CDL, how many hours/days you work, and type of truck)
  • Ability to make higher income as an owner operator than contract drivers
  • Employment for truck drivers is expected to grow 11% over the decade (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

As an owner operator, you will have certain criteria to follow such as first becoming a CDL holder just like any commercial trucker is required to have. As long as you have a clean driving record, obtaining a CDL to drive a commercial truck is easy. The process involves studying a manual, taking a written test to obtain a permit, training for a short span of time, and then passing a physical driving test. To find more information on obtaining your CDL visit

http://www.dmv.org/cdl-education.php. Additional background checks are required for certain trucking industries such as permissions to drive hazardous chemicals.

Additionally, you would need to choose what type of truck you would want to purchase. After that your duties would include being in charge of your truck’s maintenance, covering fuel costs, insurance, acquiring any equipment needed, and keeping your own log book.

Owner Operator Jobs have many benefits

There are many programs to look into when joining the field of owner operator trucking. For example, trucker advantage fuel cards can help make payments on gasoline prices. Also, owner operator leasing programs are available through the top trucking companies and can benefit you as an independent driver. Making the jump from company truck driver to owner operator can be super easy as well. Many times large companies offer leasing programs that can allow you to drive and be in charge of the commercial truck that you are already familiar with.

If you’re a smart, business-savvy individual, join this growing industry and become your own boss in a job as an owner operator.

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