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Dry vans are the most commonly found trailer in the industry and do not demand any special catering or temperature requirements. The amount of companies offering dry van driver jobs over powers any other type of freight because they are among the most popular and highest in demand in the truck driving industry. Dry van carriers haul anything from diapers to sulphuric acid. Some manual labor is required, however the frequency depends on the company you choose to drive for. Dry van driving jobs offer a wide range of opportunities for qualified drivers. Some of the rewarding benefits that come along with a dry van truck-driving job are:

  • Varied driving routes offered, from local to over the road
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Job freedom
  • Ability to switch over to a different route
  • Generous pay

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Companies are vigorously seeking to hire those with the proper qualifications to become a dry van driver. While dry van freights are among the most common in the industry there are always dry van driver job opportunities available. The freedom and benefits that come along with a dry van freight-driving job are among the best in the industry, and the demand for this select type of driver is also among the highest in the industry. Apply today and start heading in the right direction!

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