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CDL License Requirements in Wyoming

Starting on your journey to becoming a commercial driver in Wyoming can be an exciting and slightly overwhelming decision at first, but that’s why we're here to help! In an industry that holds safety in the highest regard, you won’t want to overlook any details. 

To start, you must be at least 18 years old to acquire your commercial driver’s learner’s permit and eventually your license. Since the U.S. Department of Transportation regulates interstate transportation, it is required that drivers crossing state lines be at least 21. Next, you’ll need to pass a vision test in addition to providing an up-to-date physical examination. 

After meeting these basic requirements, all Wyoming CDL applicants need to pass a general knowledge exam and skills test. These will include a pre-trip vehicle inspection, a basic vehicle knowledge test, and a hand-on test during which you’ll actually be operating a commercial vehicle. It’s important to note that you will be required to take your road test in the exact same vehicle (or at least type of vehicle) that you are attempting to earn a license for, whether it’s a Class A, B, or C CDL. Any endorsements for special skills or clearances will also require additional courses and testing.

Find CDL Training Schools in Wyoming

In order to ensure you haven’t overlooked any critical information or requirements for earning a CDL in Wyoming, finding a formal training program will help you start out in the right gear with your commercial driving career! By many accounts, the current driver shortage is characterized as a lack of quality rather than the number of candidates. That said, you’ll want to set yourself apart with a solid educational background to show employers that you’re in it for the long-haul! 

Whether you take courses through a public, private, or community college, you’ll be sure to gain all of the necessary skill sets for commercial driving – everything from how to properly inspect your vehicle, to the fine details of operating your rig and succeeding at life on the road. Finding a great training program also means you’ll have access to instructors with first-hand knowledge of the industry, hopefully, willing to share the ins and outs of the industry from a true perspective.

CDL Training Costs in Wyoming

The costs of Wyoming CDL training programs average around $2,399, yet these prices will also vary depending on the type of school and programs available in your area. Nationally, CDL training can cost anywhere from $2,000-$8,300 or more so it could be best to shop around for the best value and schedule that works for you. 

These costs cover the materials you need for class, any additional endorsement courses you’ll be taking, as well as your main experience in the classroom and behind the wheel. As with most college programs, students looking to become commercial drivers can apply for FAFSA student aid to help lighten the load of the starting costs of tuition. Other financial options can include loans or a federal Pell Grant, which can be awarded through participating institutions. 

Attending a company-sponsored training program is another viable option for new commercial drivers. In this scenario, trucking companies will actually pay for you to go through CDL training in Wyoming, allowing you to reimburse them during a period following your hiring. This allows a smooth transition into earning a regular salary and provides the peace of mind that a job is already lined up as soon as you earn your CDL. It is important to stress that this is a strict financial agreement, so as long as you’re dedicated to becoming a Wyoming commercial driver, this is a great option to consider.

CDL Prep in Wyoming

As with any test or exam, preparation is the key to your success. After you’ve clocked the right amount of hours behind the wheel and in the classroom, what else is left? You can get a feel for what your actual test will be like by taking our practice CDL test right here on! This can help you get in the right mindset and predict how long the actual exam will take.

Beyond the written exam, you’ll absolutely want to practice your driving portion in the same vehicle (or at least the same vehicle class) as you’ll be using for your road test. Students may want to consider a rental option to ensure consistency, although it’s almost guaranteed that a company-sponsored training program will provide the proper vehicles for the job!

Wyoming CDL Endorsement & Waivers

Earning a CDL in Wyoming will give you access to all sorts of great driving jobs, however, special endorsements may be needed in order to really maximize your career as a commercial driver. These endorsements allow you to operate certain classes of vehicles in addition to being able to haul specific cargo. Common endorsements in Wyoming and the rest of the United States include:

  • School Bus - S
  • Passenger - P
  • Tank Vehicles - N
  • Double/Triple - T
  • Hazardous Materials - H
  • Combination Tank / Hazardous Materials - X

Waivers are also referred to as restrictions and are used to designate certain limitations placed on one’s Wyoming CDL. Using a similar coding system to the way endorsements are displayed on a commercial driver’s license, restrictions allow employers and road officials to quickly and accurately determine a driver’s ability to be operating certain vehicles or hauling specific loads. These can include medical exemptions, as well as whether you have the ability to use specific braking systems, or even certain types of equipment like a pintle hook and other types of trailer connections.

CDL Tests in Wyoming

At last, the time has come that you’re ready to schedule your final written and road tests! Just like any type of exam or test, it’s helpful to know what to expect ahead of time. Below you’ll find a brief overview of the various parts of the CDL testing process in Wyoming and how you can prepare for each challenge.

CDL Knowledge Tests in Wyoming

Just like when you acquired your personal driver’s license test, your Wyoming CDL test will require you to answer a standard 50 question test that covers a wide range of commercial driving information. This will include things like commercial vehicle regulations, road rules and safety, proper cargo procedures, and other basic traffic knowledge to consider while on the road. Earning an 80% or higher will allow you to move on to your skills test and road test where you’ll really get to display your abilities as a soon-to-be commercial driver in Wyoming.

CDL Skills Test in Wyoming

Separate from the written knowledge test, instructors will evaluate your familiarity with your vehicle’s class, how well you know the proper procedures for handling cargo, utilizing your braking system, and other important mechanical processes behind commercial driving. This also includes going over the pre-trip inspections test information and being able to determine whether it is safe to operate your vehicle. 

Then it’s on to your road test! During your Wyoming CDL road test you will be asked to perform various maneuvers like turning, backing up, and merging lanes – essentially everything required of drivers on a daily basis. This is the most important aspect of your entire CDL training in Wyoming, so be sure to practice as much as possible before taking the test in order to succeed on your first try. Here you have the chance to prove your confidence behind the wheel – something that company-sponsored programs really appreciate!

Job Outlook in Wyoming

When you consider the fact that each year thousands of drivers are required to ease the current driver shortage, getting your Wyoming CDL is a sure-fire way to enter a field with plenty of opportunities. The issue of the driver shortage is really that of quality rather than quantity, so setting yourself apart with a solid education is a great decision to make. 

Transporting goods is something that can’t be outsourced and is vital to the American economy, so that’s where you come in! Given recent projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the commercial driving jobs are expected to increase 5% from now until 2024, so earning a CDL in Wyoming is something will allow you to earn a solid salary for years come.

Wyoming Truck Driver Salary

Even though pay rates can vary across the state, continuing to gain experience will make you a valuable hire throughout your career as a commercial driver in Wyoming. According to the most recent data from the BLS, the average annual salary for a CDL holder in Wyoming is $49,210. With additional endorsements, you’ll also have access to lots of specialty jobs with higher paying wages. Start your search for Commercial Driving Jobs in Wyoming today with AllTruckJobs and keep your career driving you forward!