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CDL License Requirements in Vermont

Before starting out on the road to becoming a commercial driver in Vermont, you’ll want to consider everything involved – from enrolling in any one of the available CDL Schools in Vermont to meeting all of the state’s requirements. 

First off, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old to gain your commercial driving learner’s permit and eventually your license. Other basic personal requirements include passing a vision test along with a physical examination, while already possessing a valid Vermont driver’s license. Keep in mind that you will need to be at least 21 years of age to drive interstate routes as regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). After meeting these Vermont CDL Requirements you’ll be one step closer to preparing for your written and road tests! 

Your Vermont CDL tests will cover all of the essential aspects of commercial driving – everything from pre-trip vehicle inspections, your basic knowledge of the mechanics behind your rig, and of course road rules and regulations. During your driving test, you’ll be required to use the same type of truck as the type of license you’re testing for. Additionally, earning endorsements for special skills will require extra classes, however, this is a great way to expand your professional capabilities for different types of vehicles and job opportunities.

Find CDL Training Schools in Vermont

When considering a way to earn your CDL in Vermont, finding a formal training program is a great way to ensure that you haven’t overlooked any critical requirements or skill sets. When you consider that the current driver shortage is a result of the lack of quality candidates rather than the number of applicants, gaining a formal education can really show that you’re serious about a career in commercial driving in Vermont and transportation in general. Whether you take courses through a public, private, or community college, you’ll be sure to gain all of the right skills for life on the road and to operate your vehicle with precision. Search for Vermont CDL schools and start planning your education today!

CDL Training Costs in Vermont

CDL training programs vary from one state to the next, however, they can range anywhere between $2,000-$8,300 in most cases. These costs account for your experience in the classroom as well as the time you spend behind the wheel of an actual commercial vehicle. You’ll also need to consider the costs of any additional materials you’ll need and how much extra your additional endorsement courses will cost. If you’ll be planning to earn your Vermont CDL through a public or private college or technical school, then consider applying for FAFSA student aid in order to make the costs a little more manageable up-front. Other sources of income include federal Pell Grants, which can be awarded through participating institutions. 

Of course, another very popular option is to attend a company-sponsored training program. With this scenario, a trucking company will actually pay for your CDL training in Vermont. After you graduate, you’ll then be required to reimburse this company during a period following your initial hiring. After you are debt-free, you’ll be able to transition into making a full salary, which is why this option is very popular. It’s important to keep in mind that company-sponsored programs constitute a very strict legal agreement. If you are not fully committed to finishing your CDL requirements in Vermont, then this is not the best option to consider.

CDL Prep in Vermont

After having spent the time studying all of your materials and clocking some hours on the road, what else is left to do? Reviewing all of your course materials is never a bad idea, but it can only go so far. Get a feel for the actual test by completing AllTruckJobs’ Practice CDL Test! This will help you get in the mindset and start to estimate how long the actual test will take you in order to be as successful as possible! 

Beyond the written test, you’ll also want to practice your driving portion in the same vehicle (or at least class of vehicle) that you’ll use for your final road test. Students may want to consider a rental option, however, it is very likely that a company-sponsored training program will provide the proper vehicles for the test!

Vermont CDL Endorsement & Waivers 

While you’re working toward meeting all of the Vermont CDL requirements, you’ll also want to consider whether your ideal type of driving job will require any specialized knowledge or skills. For this, specific endorsements will be needed in order to ensure you’ve met the right state and federal standards. The following endorsement types are common in Vermont and throughout the United States:

  • School Bus
  • Passenger
  • Tank Vehicles
  • Double/Triple
  • Hazardous Materials

Waivers, also referred to as restrictions are used to designate certain limitations as to what a Vermont CDL holder can and cannot do. Using a similar coding system to the way endorsements are displayed on one’s license, restrictions allow employers and road officials to quickly and accurately determine a driver’s ability to be operating certain vehicles. Other things indicated with restrictions include medical exemptions and special conditions, as well as your ability to utilize specific braking systems or even certain types of trailer connection types.

CDL Tests in Vermont

So once the time has come to take your final written and road tests for gaining your CDL in Vermont, preparation is key. Part of that is knowing what to expect on the tests and what you’ll be preparing for. Earning your commercial driver’s license requires that you pass various tests which include a knowledge test, a skills test, and a road test.

CDL Knowledge Tests in Vermont

Generally speaking, the knowledge portion of your Vermont CDL test includes around 50 questions that cover a wide range of information pertaining to trucking regulations, road safety, handling equipment, and other important aspects of the commercial driving experience. In order to pass, you’ll need to score at least an 80% or above. After that, it’s on to your skills and road tests!

CDL Skills Test in Vermont

Different from your knowledge test, the skills test is where instructors will test your knowledge and familiarity with your vehicle’s class, as well as how well you know the proper procedures for handling cargo, utilizing your braking system, and other mechanical processes before, during, and after transport. You’ll also be asked about the pre-trip inspection tests and whether you can determine whether your vehicle is safe to operate.

Finally, you’ll be taking your road test, during which you’ll be asked to perform turns, back up, change lanes, and to identify traffic signs in order to respond safely and effectively. Doing well with this portion of your testing is essential to your success as a driver since it displays your aptitude for the job. Instructors also like to be completely reassured that you’re confident in your abilities, especially if they are the ones sponsoring your training!

Job Outlook in Vermont

It’s well known that the trucking industry needs more drivers to alleviate the current shortage. Getting an education means you’ll be on a great course to begin earning a solid salary and move on to better positions perhaps more quickly than you would otherwise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of trucking jobs rose .5% in 2016 and is projected to continue upward in the coming years. Meeting all of the Vermont CDL requirements and earning your commercial driver’s license means you’ll be part of the future of this growing labor force.

Vermont Truck Driver Salary

According to the most recent data made available through the BLS, the average salary that commercial drivers in Vermont can expect is $42,990. Even though pay rates and salaries can vary from one state to the next, the more experience you gain on the road, the more valuable you’ll become as an employee making it easier to advance in your career. Once you’ve gained your Vermont CDL, start looking for commercial driving jobs today and keep moving forward with!