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Commercial Driver’s License in Maine

Truck driving schools in Maine may be found in the state's larger cities, such as Bangor and Portland as well as in Skowhegan, and South Paris. Maine CDL schools help you to prepare to earn your CDL in no time at all. In Maine, you may obtain a CDL license at the age of 16, although, you must be 21 years old to haul across state lines, transport hazardous materials or to drive a bus. Additionally, CDL candidates must pass a vision exam, a general knowledge test and a road skills test, as well as provide an up-to-date physical. Depending on any additional endorsements you need, other knowledge and skills tests may be required to drive certain vehicles, such as buses, tankers or to haul hazardous materials. A truck driving school in Maine will prepare you to pass the CDL exam with ease.

Find CDL Training Schools in Maine

A Maine CDL training school is the best way to get your commercial driver’s license so you can hit the road in no time. Luckily, our site provides great resources that will help you find the perfect school to advance your future trucking career. You’ll gain experience and knowledge as you engage in hands-on training as well as work in a classroom setting. It’s time to embark on a new career – but first, make sure you’re getting a proper education.

CDL Training Costs in Maine

While many people might shy away from CDL training because of the price, there are fortunately many ways that you can get financial aid for your Maine CDL education. Applying for financial aid through FAFSA is a great first step towards your Maine CDL license. If you qualify through FAFSA, a federal Pell Grant awarded through participating institutions is money that can be used for school and differs from a loan in that it doesn't need to be paid back. Some trucking companies will even pay for you to go to school with the expectation that once you pass your exam that you will begin your career with that company. Be sure to explore all possible CDL training schools and options before you decide to embark on a trucking career in Maine. You’ll be able to find both training and a job for a reasonable price.

CDL Prep in Maine

Below is just a preview of what you can expect when taking your CDL requirements. You must pass both a written test as well as an on-the-road test before you can become a licensed CDL driver in Maine.

Maine CDL Endorsement & Waivers

With a Maine CDL, the individual or their employer might next require specialization to carry certain types of cargo as an endorsement. If that is the case, extra testing is required to ensure that the operator knows the additional responsibility of safe handling under the law. The following types of endorsements are common throughout Maine and other states.

  • School Bus
  • Passenger
  • Tank Vehicles
  • Double/Triple
  • Hazardous Materials

Waivers may also be prevalent in case a student did not pass a portion of the test or has a special circumstance. These will be marked with corresponding letters on the Maine Commercial Driver’s License.

CDL Tests in Maine

The CDL exam will be broken up into two different parts. A knowledge test will assess your ability to learn the rules of the road as well as other essential CDL information. The second portion of the test will put you on the road so you can show off your driving skills when it comes to traveling on the road in Maine. Once you pass both of these sections you will receive your CDL.

CDL Knowledge Tests in Maine

The knowledge portion of the Maine CDL test consists of 50 questions that cover subjects like safety, pre-trip inspection, driving techniques, and road signs. To pass this portion, you must get at least an 80% on the exam. If you want to get a feel for how the exam will be formatted and what kind of questions to expect, our test offers 50 questions that will help you prepare for your upcoming Maine CDL exam.

CDL Skills Test in Maine

The Maine CDL skills test is designed to ensure that you have the proper knowledge and ability to operate a commercial vehicle. The test will be broken down into three portions. The pre-inspection portion will ensure that you’re able to properly assess your vehicle before taking it on the road. The next portion will cover the operating techniques and identification of all aspects of the vehicle. Finally, you will need to perform various maneuvers like turning, backing up, and merging lanes that will be a common occurrence on the road.

Job Outlook in Maine

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trucking jobs in the United States are expected to rise 5% by 2024. This is just below the national projected increase of 7% for all occupations. It’s yet another sign that points towards an industry that’s trending upward. Maine is a welcoming place that has a lot to offer to truckers. So, what are you waiting for?

Maine Truck Driver Salary

The average driver in Maine makes about $40,130 per year. This is just below the national average of $43,590. The investment you put into your CDL license education will surely be worth it when you land a trucking job in Maine that offers a stellar wage.