1701 North University Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70507

Parking 94
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 8
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 9
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September 15, 2014 i
Only good cuz there is a whataburger right next door!
July 26, 2014 i
The bathroom is horrible. Shit smells
February 13, 2014 i
This is an older location but the showers were good...clean, good water pressure (some trouble keeping the water temp steady). Wait staff were friendly & food was good. Only complaint is the counter staff...they move way too slow.
December 27, 2013 i
Good hot chocolate. Noticed they have Sundry, showers and a lounge with big screen. DVD movies, cell phone accessories, slushies but no icees.
October 21, 2011 i
South GA Girl are you really complaining about not being able to drop your problem (trailer) off on one person while you go take your business somewhere else. Why not instead complain about Walmart not letting you use their lot to park while you spend your money there. And to ttheory or whatever you call yourself, what in our great english language are you trying to say. Thanks to the both of you for your useless posts.

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