7000 E. Interstate 40
Amarillo, TX 79118

Parking 243
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 1
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 10
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November 09, 2014 i
One of the nicer TA's I've been to.. Also accidentally left my cell phone in the restroom and the guy who was cleaning it was amazing enough to return it!
September 02, 2014 i
not the worst but not the best...iys another trk stop what do u expect...alot of parking...5$ for load of laundry..coffee kinda sucks but its a TA
August 30, 2014 i
While pulling in there was a group of blacks standing in the entrance with underwear hanging out, being vulgar and profane. Giving everyone a "hard eye" and holding their crotchs. Wasn't sure if I was gonna get robbed. Can we get some civility around here? Or at least some security to manage these thugsnnnn
June 22, 2014 i
Truck service super slow. Told it would be a 2-3hr wait...4 1/2hrs so far still not been touched by a mechanic. Do not use this shop unless you are broke down on their lot... I would call road service from somewhere else even then. Counter help pretty much sucks... too busy socializing to seem professional. You shouldn't give a time estimate if you have no clue how long it is going to be.... all this for a DOT inspection! Ridiculous. Update.. over 5hrs and inspection finally done. No brake measurements taken, bolt missing on slack adjuster not noticed, and trailer pm that we get with our inspections not done. This place should not be certified to do DOT inspections because they are basically doing a half assed walk around and calling it an inspection.
December 31, 2012 i
Great service, fairly clean, and quite friendly. Like most truck stops its overpriced but what else are ya gonna do? Local transportation services are pretty poor so you can either spend a fortune on a cab or sit at the TA. I Got stuck here New Years Eve 2012-2013 comfortable accommodations, movie room and good coffee!

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