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Pilot Travel Center


Parking 8
Weigh Scale
Diesel Lanes 6
Truck Wash
RV Dump

5 reviews about this truckstop

August 08, 2014
   not once but twice i have been to this gas station and had to pump my own gas and not one attendant came over to me to see if i need any help. i thought maybe the first time they were just busy but no they had at least 4 people on 3 bs-ing with each other and one actually doing work. wish i cou.d give a zero star!!!!!!!!
March 16, 2014
   Rude rude rude rufe staff, service sucks, they don't have a clue what they doing. Com data authorized check twice, once by me second time by the cashier, still he didn't give me fuel because his register was down. If that was the case why waste my entire hour. He scribbled all over an authorized check. I had to call com data to get another check reapproved on the same express code. The manager name nichole, little sweet thing, she knows how to handle a rough situation, solved all my problems, i should take her out for lunch if i have time, saved me from tearing up walter. O did i miss when i was having issue with their check system, chicken shit bimbo acting like tough guy , name walter throwing checks at me talking tough behind the counter, real time looser. I told him step outside with me he started stuttering, lol. Real whimp, ill smack that retard anytime, but I tried to be a professional driver.
August 23, 2014
   Sucks they don't have showers just about got run over by a boy pushing a cart and they say it is a medium size truck stop when all actuality it is extra small
November 01, 2012
   Handled the aftermath of sandy perfectly. Long lines however had attendants governing traffic well. Other gas stations dropped the ball but pilot handled the demand well. Thumbs up!
June 24, 2012
   NO DEF at this station. Clean place. No scale available. Staff sucks but service ok. Not the greatest place. Cashier had an attitude problem. Not very big at all. Can be hard to miss at road speeds. Slow down before quarter mile, just past the overpass.