(734) 675-0222

21055 West Road
Wood Haven, MI 48183

Parking 225
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 7
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 12
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November 01, 2014 i
no stars ,this place is a ripp off 8 bucks for a pack of pallmalls there prices are ripping you off they want you to pay ten bucks now even to go use rest room there at exit 32 on i 75 go to exit 18 the pilot there, the prices are reasonable , not mush parking at that pilot but if you want to park go to TA exit 15 also another pilot there boycott this flying J there ripping off truckers ,i said no stars but i put one only cause i had too ,there a ripp off dont be a sucker when theres better not far away
July 15, 2014 i
Its okay nothing really special about this truck stop but yes you do have to pay if you stay overnight wich I never do
May 11, 2014 i
Parking costs $ 10 and if you like to go in and out you must leave $ 10. Don't we pay enough money on their expensive crap? I am never going to that truck stop ever, even if I have to spend more on fuel.
March 02, 2014 i
the Jackson, Ms Flying J is the worst stop I have been at in my 48 yrs on the road, went in to get some ice tea, and there was none made, I ask the counter if they could make some and they said they would came back in 3 hours still no ice tea . I asked why they said we thought you left.. Then went over to ge a hot dog.. guess what they were out of them also, so I asked if they would put some on...went back in in a hour and still no hot dogs. the rest rooms were filthy I would avoid this place like a pelage
January 20, 2014 i
It has an IHOP and subway. But you do have to pay $10.00 to park, I ordered ihops new chicken mushroom spinach thing. Its 12 bucks, but abslutely delicious!!!!

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