(540) 436-3121

1014 Mount Olive Road
Toms Brook, VA 22660

Parking 144
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 12
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 15
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October 28, 2014 i
Is now a pilot since they bought all wilco/hess locations in virginia
October 04, 2014 i
Having 36 all ok at present showers clean
September 22, 2014 i
Showers are small and cramped. Not clean. Won't stop at this site ever again.
June 19, 2014 i
Wow! Where does one begin? First off, Staff is good with what they have to work with. Been there twice, got 2 strikes. Problems with pumps. Had to go back in line to find a properly working pump 2 times, different days. Not going into detail. Chunky female manager, more interested in previous shifts company's take then taking care of the driver who just spent 700.00. Parking is a big problem but do understand its not flying j's fault nor problem. Maybe corporates problem but not individual owner who has control. My suggestion to all. Unless its a life or death or run out of fuel situation, run! Run as fast as you can . Treat this place like a Hugo Chavez citgo. Fuel stop. The place to go if your hating life. Cause if you go here and are feeling like killing yourself. This would be the place to do it.
December 22, 2013 i
The waitress is joyful when being greeted to a table people here is deicent flying j is off the chain
November 30, 2013 i
Worst parking... ...but ok to stop by ..but!!! Seen employee pop a pill r infront if me....wow!!..maybe she needed it..
March 30, 2013 i
Nice place, lots of truck parking, nice friendly employees.
January 23, 2013 i
Dairy Queen is good. Try to find a book could not the lady at the desk where this book she took right to it.
July 29, 2011 i
The coffee is wonderful
October 18, 2009 i
No hot water in showers. Prices are way high even for a truck stop. Spent $6 on two tiny sausage bisciuts and would be better off if I didn't eat anything.

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