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Petro North Baltimore

Petro Truck Stops
(419) 257-3744
12906 Deshler Rd.
North Baltimore, OH 45872


Weigh Scale
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash
RV Dump

6 reviews about this truckstop

April 21, 2018
   Just hope u don’t need assistance with a truck issue .. my husband needed batteries and he talked to the attendant around midnight ..she informed him it would be around 8am the following morning..he had some extra time so he waited.. he returned at 8am and she then informed him it would be in the afternoon ( now this was only for a boost!!!!) so we will no longer be dedicated customers of Petro.. Loves will have our business even tho it’s small and u have to wait on a shower .. we are done with this chain of truck stops !!!!! Very unconvincing to the trucker !!!!!
December 13, 2013
   Good food at the skillet
May 24, 2012
   Nice & clean, big, good food, nice showers, friendly people. Their internet connection was slow, couldn't watch tv shows, but all else was great!
November 26, 2013
   Food is fresh in the Skillet. Clean and nice showers. Most of the attendants are friendly.
May 05, 2013
   Service was sub par. Our server had to leave half way through our meal. She told us she was leaving and that someone would be around to check on us. No one ever came by. The chili burger was not good, the bun old, the burger was over cooked and the chili was dry. The shrimp stir fry was bland. Our bill was over $27 and it was definitely not worth it. The only redeeming part of this visit was our cashier. She was very nice and apologetic for the bad experience.
September 02, 2013
   This is an excellent Petro with plenty of parking a delicious buffet nice and clean showers the staff are very friendly the TV room is excellent in the movie theater is excellent. There is nothing subpar about this Petro. As usual some people think that they have to find some little thing to complain about when it's usually not worth complaining about. its a truck stop for Pete's sake. You should just be happy and thankful that you have someplace a nice to stop at. I mean seriously it sure beats a loves truck stop with 25 parking spaces and only one restaurant to choose from and 5 showers and you have to wait 2 hours to get a shower please people please.