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February 18, 2018

OTR driver - lube oil division

By Rich
I've been driving for Venezia for about 4 years. Overall, they have treated me well. I have pretty good money ($78k+) consistently, but I run hard and stay on the road 3-5 weeks at a time. Sure they have plenty of regional runs where a driver could get home most weekends, if you live in the right area, but the division I work in is growing...FAST. (There are divisions where the driver stays local. I have no insight into their workload or pay, though) New contracts are taking drivers out farther and more consistently. I feel like I get what I need, when I say I need it from the office. There are times where I compromise, though. Drivers who come in and do the job reliably, with minimal complaining, and who are willing to work hard and possess common sense, will do VERY well here. Many have come in who do/did not fit that bill and settle for less productivity and lower pay. Some are still around and others did lot last. The health insurance that they offer is great insurance, in comparison to what is commonly offered within the industry, and it is incredibly affordable. I currently pay about $180 a week for Health, Dental and Vision (for my whole family), Short Term, Long Term, Critical Illness, and AD&D (for me), Whole Life, and Term Life (For my wife and I). Co-pays and deductibles are very reasonable too. The company absorbs a larger percentage of the Health Insurance cost, which keeps more of my earnings in my pocket. That's something that not many companies do anymore. They offer 401(k) with company match up to 3%. Starting Mileage pay is typically $.49/mile for liquid drivers. $22 for every live load AND live unload. Short haul premiums. Detention after 2 hours. $100 for a 24 hour layover. $150 for a 34 hour reset away from home. Breakdown pay after 1 hour @ $16/hr. When your truck gets a PM, you get paid $16/hour after 2 hours. Waiting at a tank wash to get your tank cleaned? $16 per hour for every hour you wait. There is plenty of work to go around and if you aren't making enough money, it's your own fault because of your list of what you won't do. Now some of the things that drivers don't like... Driver facing cameras, lane departure sensors in the newer trucks, 65 mph trucks for those who go to Canada (because Ontario and Quebec require it). My biggest pet peeve with this company is the maintenance department. They can be a real pain in the @$$ when it comes to getting some things fixed. It's not so much the people in the's the mechanics. There are a few who like to Band-Aid a problem instead of fixing it, in hopes that when the Band-Aid no longer holds out, it ends up at a different shop or with a different mechanic. To amplify the problem there are a lot of drivers who do not do their equipment inspections and leave the equipment issues for someone else to deal with (that is a problem industry wide).
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