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August 31, 2017

Otr driver

I would have given 0 stars because I worked here 2weeks and they were solid but my home week I am looking at 1000mile week and them getting me home late this 1000mile week I've seen the most dumbest incompetent people I've ever worked for in my 15 years of driving operations was virtually invisible they did nothing to help me get empty on a 829 mile trip with a 48hour time from pu to delivery then as I write this I've been sitting at a consignee for 7hours now as I said operations is no help what so ever if u have a life out of the truck I definitely wouldn't consider this company if you like dumb incompetent people this is the company for ya lol
December 17, 2016

Company hand

Ive only just started at TC.. A mere 2 weeks out of orientation. So far they seem to be fine. Your average truck driving job, just like any other.
So far they have fulfilled every promise they gave me... i have no complaints. There are many that have unrealistic expectations when it comes to a driving career. These people will complain and cry foul at companys only to find out later that the offending circumstance is actually considered the norm.
Picking a trucking co to work for is alot like picking a spouse...You need to find one whose BS you can tolorate, and can also tolerate yours.
January 15, 2016


Put false info on Dac

Trans-Carriers, Inc.

(901) 368-2900

5135 US Hwy. 78
Memphis, TN 38118

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