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December 17, 2016

Company hand

Ive only just started at TC.. A mere 2 weeks out of orientation. So far they seem to be fine. Your average truck driving job, just like any other.
So far they have fulfilled every promise they gave me... i have no complaints. There are many that have unrealistic expectations when it comes to a driving career. These people will complain and cry foul at companys only to find out later that the offending circumstance is actually considered the norm.
Picking a trucking co to work for is alot like picking a spouse...You need to find one whose BS you can tolorate, and can also tolerate yours.
January 15, 2016


Put false info on Dac

Trans-Carriers, Inc.

(901) 368-2900

5135 US Hwy. 78
Memphis, TN 38118

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