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October 11, 2016


No home time your home every day but only long enough to shower shave eat go to bed & back at it when you're 10hrs is up trucks are wore out the drivers leave their trash empty pop bottles in them not assigned slip seating most drivers never fill the truck up or the reefer very few bring back there clean out back Leigh in HR who does work -comp is useless because asked twice for my wages to set my temporary total no response my attorney asked for the same no response got hurt on 6/8/16 just now got my surgery date 4 months after getting hurt do to faulty equipment at the stores ! Dispatch hasn't a clue they have their favorites who make good money everyone else gets loads that doesn't pay well with sharp you load your own trailer take to store unload it get back take off the clean out load up do it again 90% of stores have no room for your 26 pallets that you have to take off at the store have to work weekends holidays you get load pay a joke most loads pay abg $ 75.00 so you make about 150-175 a day for 12-16hrs of work they press the 16hr rule you run out of time have to wait for someone to come pick you up to bring your back to the whose the pallets have 2 wraps if saran wrap your hauling loose groceries they spill on you have to spend a lot of time picking them up broken glass jars it's a joke you tell dispatch about the say write it up but the point is if the pickers at Aldis knew how to stack the pallets you might have a chance but the pallets are already leaning before you even start to load them in your trailer stay away from this company no life or time with your family have to work weekends & holidays the $25.00 Aldi bucks is a joke you have to spend it all at once no change back I don't shop Aldis the amount of stuff that gets recalled I don't or won't eat anything from them this is a heads up don't work for sharp I was warned but didn't listen don't make the same mistake I did!

Sharp Transit, LLC

(704) 630-1160

1355 Long Ferry Rd.
Salisbury, NC 28146

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