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April 9, 2016


I ran escort for their oversize division. All I can say is, AVOID THEM! The drivers I got to know are great folks, but they are treated like crap. Being told to drive without permits, using trailers that didn't have inspection stickers, lights not working. Seems like they try to get your license filled with tickets, incidents so you're not able to get hired by another company.

They're also notorious for not paying on time. The agreement was a 7 day pay out for loads escorted. Two days before March they came up with "starting in March we're doing 30 day pay out". Thanks for the two day notice. Then, they tried to delay the payment for a run we completed in February trying to use the excuse "we thought it was part of the 30 day pay out". We completed another run on March 2nd, here it is April 9th, and they still haven't paid out.

So yea, if you want a dirty driving record, possibly being ticketed for faulty equipment and not paid on time, then this is the company for you.

Reynolds Nationwide / Unique Leasing Inc

(210) 648-7770

8755 Hwy 87 E
San Antonio, TX 78263

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