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PowerSource Transportation, Inc.

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About PowerSource Transportation, Inc.

We know Owner Operators, because we are Owner Operators.

We set the standard in the highest quality of life for our owner-operators.

We know what you’re looking for. We know what your time is worth, and we know that you’ve been looking for balance. With Powersource Transportation, you’re ensured the highest possible quality of life in the trucking industry. Powersource drivers are really partners with earnings exceeding the highest owner operator salaries in the industry, without exception, and we’ll compare our numbers to anyone offering truck driving jobs.


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PowerSource Transportation, Inc.

2023 N Lafayette Ct.
Griffith, IN 46319


Type of Runs: 3 Main Lanes - Midwest, Northeast, and Southwest
Time Away from Home: Yes


Cost Driver Benefits: Yes
Medical: Yes
Dental: Yes
Vision: Yes


Bonuses: Yes