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June 18, 2020

by Jason Jackson

Tons of miles

Been working here about 6 weeks now, I was hesitant at first about the miles during COVID but these guys haven’t stopped keeping me running. I average about 3200 miles a week right now. Plus the free tv is pretty cool. Overall been a good start here

June 17, 2020

by Million Safe Miler

Worst Company in History.

There can’t possibly be a worse company to work for than Holland Enterprises. They pay you absolutely nothing to attend their orientation which can be as much as $150.00 per day at other companies. There is no sign on bonus which can be as much as $10,000 at other companies. They lie to you about paying you detention after you start working for them and make up excuses to cheat you out of detention. The pay is amongst the worst when it comes to the trucking industry and you will be paid on average $20,000 less to work for Holland Enterprises than you will elsewhere.

May 16, 2020

by OTR Driver


Working for Holland Enterprises is worse than slavery. First of all Holland Enterprises is the ONLY trucking company that pays you nothing to attend their orientation. Nine times out of ten they will cheat you and not pay you detention. Holland Enterprises is the only employer I have had in my 39 years of life that I actually PAID to work. Dispatch had me pick up a load after a 9am delivery in which the pick up appointment time was 6am making it impossible to deliver on time so I had to pay a $150 fine to reschedule delivery. I had to pay $150 to work making working for Holland Enterprises worse than slavery. The pay at Holland Enterprises is among the lowest compared to for example, GP Transco, over the course of the year you will be paid about $20,000.00 less working for Holland Enterprises than GP Transco. Being family owned, Holland Enterprises is a very unscrupulous company taking advantage of people any way they can. I was parked at a truck stop and while not present in my truck, being inside the truck stop, my truck was hit by another vehicle. Holland Enterprises lied about the incident and put on my DAC report that I struck a stationary object when in fact I was not even in the truck. It is no wonder that such an evil company as Holland Enterprises is unable to expand to more than 300 trucks after nearly 50 years of being in business, in contrast to an honest and ethical company like Swift being successful with over 10,000 trucks. In conclusion, working for HOLLAND ENTERPRISES is WORSE than SLAVERY.

March 08, 2019

by Nancy amesbury


I really am a Holland driver.got no significant complaints.we sit less than u do,if ur log is connected to ur engine,and our omni tracks is.our length of haul is,-they track that,and tell u as part of regular reviews,I was over 1500 avg. For last period.I like the room in the cascadia,and the ride I think is good.great Dane trl.all pretty darn new.so equipt=top notch.unload on Sun ? Don't expect to sit,we know better,just letting u .know,unless reload at same place,or not far down the road.with pet diem,I'm probably doing the best I've ever done.23 yrs.sometime-send macro and it's been taken seriously,every time.I don't want the tv..but u can have sat tv.in cash xmsirius..I like the spa ch. A lot of customers are regular,so often u know where to find them,which reminds me,they usually send directions with disp.maint.is great.tired replaced regularly,etc.401k.I realize it I went somewhere else ,most factors wouldn't be as good.did knows there sht.tried to give u a real opinion..I expect the others are,but I know this on is hopefully u can tell. Be good

March 11, 2017

by Kristine

OTR truck driver

I love my job! The truck is one year old, in beautiful condition. Every single trailer is in top condition. I regularly get runs from WA to PA, then reload down to AZ. Killer miles, and they pay actual miles, not some b.s. HHMG miles. If they say a trip is 2,200 miles, that's what it is and that's what I am paid for. I never sit after delivery, waiting on a reload. Meaning I am able to plan my trip accordingly, and better manage my hours. Now for the goodies...APU, power inverter that can run 2 TVs a PS4,, a built in fridge and freezer and a microwave all at the same time. Direct TV, XM radio, 24" TV mounted on a swivel, Fridge and freezer, all this comes with the truck. Subscriptions for TV and radio are paid by Holland. While at a customer, I am watching tv. While driving, I am listening to the news on xm radio so I can keep up with what's going on in the world. I am one happy camper, and my rider is super happy, too. We are thinking of getting a little dog, which is also allowed here at Holland. I will work here until I retire. I highly recommend this company to my fellow safe and experienced drivers. Tell them Kristine Harrell sent you!

Holland Enterprises, Inc.

500 Carl Olson St.
Mapleton, ND 58059