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September 30, 2016

bad company to work for

Don't do it unless u like working for free
July 13, 2016


As I was sitting on 35, one of your drivers was pushing their way onto the freeway. He was just inches away from hitting my family and I. Unbelievable how he is.. Plates Oklahoma 7536LG
July 11, 2016


Work here in fruitland n.m. Company so disorganized can't even wrk us a full week. They don't care we got families to feed take our raises away when they please. Feels like they trying to starve us out so they don't have any obligation to us such as unemployment or any benefits the owners sadly are money hungry greedy people.
January 21, 2016


They told me I was hired got there did two days orientation to be told wasn't hired they tell you you can pick a truck they assign one to you yes even on the freedom side found a crack pipe in the hotel room they said they got me some of the people and nice and respectful Billie and David, rick, and a couple recruiters other than than bad idea
October 8, 2015

Tax Scam through "orientation"

I was told I was hired just to come in and fill out paperwork. Traveled 30 hrs on a greyhound to get to dallas and go to orientation. First day of orientation I was told that I had to get approved through TLC. NO PAY FOR ORIENTATION if your not hired by TLC. Like I said I was told I was hired before I got my happy ass on the bus. As a matter of fact everyone in the "orientation" was told the same thing. Then at the end of the week they told each one of us in the class some bullshit reason why TLC didn't hire us. They gave me the reason that they couldn't verify my past employment which is a complete lie because I called my previous employer and they said NOBODY contacted them from High Country or TLC. This company and others do this for a couple different reasons. Number 1 is TAX WRITE OFFS. They get every dime they shell out from the "expenses" of orientation. Second. Why hire someone before orientation then they would be legally obligated to pay the new employee. Also they offer a 1000 dollar "guarantee" with so many strings attached it's next to impossible to get. The people that run this company are liers and scammers.
September 4, 2015

High Country Transportation

I worked for this company from 2005 to 2007 as a company Driver in the dry Bulk Hopper Division. I enjoyed being employed with them, and probably would have continued working for this company many more years if they had not discontinued their company drivers during that time. I noticed they have re-opened the company driver positions again, and I will for sure be re-applying. My experience working with this company has been very rewarding, it was a fast paced environment constantly moving, I didn't realize how busy they kept me until after I had left the company. If your single, have no family obligations, don't mind staying busy, and like making decent money with good benefits then High Country Transportation is a company to consider.
September 3, 2015

Vice President

From an owner operator standpoint, this company is highly unorganized. They tell you one thing, then do another. A lot of promises they don't keep. Very poor planning of loads, a lot of sitting, for day's, waiting for loads, unable to move. Company drivers come first, as per their own words on their facebook page. Yet, they don't tell you anything about company driver positions when your applying for an owner operator. Very poor company to work for as an owner operator. Zero benefits, not even any kind of health insurance offered, although they offer it to company drivers. They say they pay for tolls, however, they will bill you. This is NOT the answer, for anything. This was the most miserable company to lease with, we gave it the max amount of time we could for it to come around, it just kept getting worse. I do not recommend.

High Country Transportation

(970) 565-6402

PO Box 700
Cortez, CO 81321

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