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August 17, 2016

former company's driver

Do not work for them. Bunch of liars and cheats that will steal your money from your last check no matter what agreement you came to. Then when u file a grievance they invoke an arbitration agreement that they made u sign when u hired on that days u have to go hire a lawyer on ur own dime to talk to them. Scumbags!
December 1, 2015


This co. Is a joke.they lie,& cheat like no other,and .....treat there drivers like crapp
September 4, 2015

owner of m and m associates

Poor drivers. Think that they are the only ones who are allowed on the highway. Just about caused a major wreck in Indianapolis. Driver was rude and flipped me off. I hope she enjoyed the visit with Indiana's finest. Hope they fined her big. I do know the boss about her actions and the cops being called on her.
April 2, 2015


Low paying, you must supply your own GPS, fridge etc. Family owned and operated so a bunch of snoby smart asses. Terrible!! Only a few loads a week!!

COX Logistics, LLC

(903) 656-0677

2294 FM 250
Lone Star, TX 75668

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