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January 12, 2017


Whatever you do do not work for these folks. They do not care whether you have a home life or whether you're sick if you miss a day because you were in the hospital like I was they will write you up and tell you if you miss another day even if you were in the hospital and fire you. They are the worst company I've ever worked for and I've driven for 20 years. I damaged a small tiny little section the tractor on the right front lower bumper because of all the Palmetto bush and they tried to say that's why they fired me. They fired me because I had the flu and I took a day off. I was in the hospital with MRSA on my arm and I work for them for an entire week with the muscle in my arm before I went to the hospital. A month later my boss Jason decided to write me up for missing that day when he knew I was in the hospital for MRSA. Again I say do not work for these people they do not care about you everybody at the warehouse was miserable everybody's afraid that they weren't going to have a job the next day they just don't do things right.
March 26, 2015

Owner Operator

You won't find a better family owned company.

CaLark International, Inc.

(501) 455-3399

PO Box 990
Mabelvale, AR 72103

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