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November 10, 2017


Fuck Blair logistics all they do is lie
July 20, 2017


Hello everyone I am on her to see if this is a good place to start any information to share
December 24, 2016

owner operator

one year down 20 to go I an a owner operator leased on in Hope Arkansas this place is awsome i plan on retiring here some of the freight is cheap but cheap freight is everywhere i just dont pull it .my choice . People in Hope are awsome ,people in Birmingham are awsome just a great place to be one big happy family
October 15, 2016

Former lease purchase

Was not a good experience with this company. Too many deahead miles and they don't pay you for it. They ran me good till the equipment and debt was paid off I'm sure you heard of this before. If you can live off 700.00- 1000.00 per week then you'll like it here. I was willing to run wherever to make big money but always an excuse they didn't have the freight. Be careful and beware of the slick talk in orientation.
September 9, 2015


I've been here for a short period of time & I've had to deadhead almost 60 miles in 3 loads to get loads. Blair deals with a lot of brokers which can be a huge downfall for O/O. No one is in the blair office on weekends or holidays. After hours calls are routed to the PNS office and they are clueless why we call them, so they advise you to contact someone at blair & have them call PNS. 1st load paid $3.00 pm everything else has been complete garbage. I'm cutting my ties now before I get into debt running for them.
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Blair Logistics, LLC

(205) 241-8002

PO Box 8306
Ensley, AL 35218

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