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September 04, 2017

by Tony lehr

Happily no longer workung there

Heres how it goes. They advertise they start at 26.00 an hour to entice you. Once you get there however things get real. They take you on a mine sites tour to the different mines and expect you to know how to get around in the dark. The guy who took me was Taylor West who basically hated his job. All the drivers I came in contact with were unhappy and warned me, watch out, most of the drivers will stab you in the back. Then finally we come to the boss. Some guy named Frank Morin. He was a diabetic and also bipolar. One day happy the next day wanted to fire you. Even a former employee of BJ Cecil working at Univar said he was a bully. The 26.00 an hour sounds good, But they put you through hell. They go through drivers left and right. When I left it was a mutual understanding. Plus your in the middle of. Bumble f*ck Egypt. Be very careful before you commit.

B J Cecil Trucking, Inc.

PO Box 2228
Claypool, AZ 85532