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Start Earning Top Dollar With Specialized Owner Operator Jobs

Specialized owner operator jobs are ideal for drivers who want to earn the highest wages while also living their dream. With a specialized owner operator job you will be able to call the shots and haul overweight and odd-shaped equipment all across the United States! Specialized loads can include items like over-sized pieces of metal, automobiles, and liquid materials! It is greatly encouraged to be well experienced in the truck driving industry before taking on over-dimensional loads, especially as an owner operator. Also take into account, before applying for specialized owner operator jobs that you have the proper qualifications. New regulations state that drivers of trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds or higher must hold a valid CDL and have the proper specialized training for hauling over-sized loads. There are many great benefits that come along with specialized owner operator jobs such as:

  • Run your own business
  • More money
  • Access to stable and growing customer base
  • More miles
  • Choose your own route
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Job freedom
  • Choose cargo you want to transport

Something about hitting the open road as your own boss appeals to many.

With plenty of rewarding benefits, a specialized owner operator job is an excellent way to earn the highest salary while spending most nights at home. Experience and the correct qualifications are highly recommended when applying for specialized owner operator jobs. As a specialized owner operator, you have the choice to either lease on to an already existing trucking company or have your own authority. Start earning the salary you deserve and apply today!

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