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At Roadrunner Freight, our goal is to partner with Independent Contractors who manage their business like a boss and care about providing excellent service. You bring a positive attitude and dedication to the table, and we’ll bring support, discounts and flexibility.

When you partner with Roadrunner Freight, you’ll be supported by a team that is dedicated to you - the Contractor Relations team. Centralized in Downers Grove, IL, this team consists of experienced, passionate individuals who want to make a difference for you and are available around the clock. Your goals are their goals.

You'll likely talk to the Contractor Relations team on a regular basis as you begin your partnership with us. They will attend to your comments, concerns, wins and losses along the way for years to come.

If you’re committed to getting the job done and providing your very best effort, we’ll give it right back to you. That’s our promise.


September 07, 2017

by Rich Payne

Company Driver

Started working for Roadrunner Truckload in April. As a employee, I can honestly say this is the best company I have worked for. Getting plenty of miles and consistent pay checks, I would highly recommend for coming to work here. Dispatch is on the ball and keeps me moving especially on the weekends.

September 07, 2017

by Jesse Rodriguez


Great company to work for.

October 07, 2016

by Christine Kelson

Local driver

Luv it😃 I've been with Roadrunner going 2yrs and this company is an awesome company to work for, more time with family and friends and great pay...Luv it😃

October 04, 2016

by Brian Chambers

Owner Operator

I was a small fleet owner with 3 trucks and did great! My trucks are retired now but in my opinion if you can't make it with RRTS you can't make it anywhere...great program, great people.

October 04, 2016

by Danny bradford


I've been a driver for road runner transport for 5 years, this company is very good at what they do,they keep you moving so that the amount of money you can make is unlimited,it's all up to you,me personally I've been treaten like family by road runner,driving for road runner has let me go places I would have never seen,I've been all over thanks to road runner,I've made more money here than anywhere I have worked ,they truly trreat you like family. This driving job has been a true blessing.
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