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Fraley & Schilling wants to be the last place you ever drive. We understand the challenges the trucking industry brings which is why we’ve built each of our programs with your life in mind. These programs are designed to provide you with the opportunity for a life at home with your family while still allowing you the opportunity to make a great living.

Since 1955, Fraley & Schilling has consistently focused on continuous improvement to not only provide a great service, but to give the best of the best drivers the opportunity to join a company on the “cutting edge”. With that in mind, we exclusively recruit and employ a driver support staff who are not only trained professionals, but also have a genuine appreciation for the life and challenges that are put in front of drivers everyday.

Interested in a variety of opportunities? Fraley and Schilling operates in multiple markets all over the eastern half of the US, and sometimes beyond!

The Fraley & Schilling training program is customized to prepare every driver with at least one year of any type of tractor/­trailer experience. Whether you’re a driver with 20 years of experience or a driver who has one year of experience, we’ve built a number of division­-specific training programs to prepare you for success. With real training on the ground and interactive online courses, our training facility and staff is geared to make sure you’re ready for the division you choose!

Don’t feel comfortable at the end of training or just have a few more questions after you get started? We’ve got your back! We’ll assign an experienced F&S driver specifically to you whether you need some help on the job or just answers to some questions.

December 21, 2016

Company Driver

I've been working for the company for a month . Everyone I come in contact with is very professional and courteous. It is great to work with people who do what is promised. I really look forward to growing with Fraley and Schilling. Thanks everyone!
December 21, 2016

Flatbed Driver

Fraley and Schilling is hands down the best job I've ever had. As you can read in most of the other reviews ; this company is very professional and courteous and family oriented. I am home every weekend and it's a full weekend. They know you by name when you walk in after orientation. It's great they take the time to learn names. My dispatch manager is a really cool guy. Gets the job done without any hassle free. Money is but keep that left door closed and you can do great here. Highly recommend this company. Dan schilling, Andrew schilling, and Robert schilling and Chris the company president are all great people. And easy to get along with. No need to feel intimidated by then always seem to be smilling.
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