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AGX Carriers

AGX Carriers

1370 Five Chop Rd
Orangeburg, SC 29115

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AGX Carriers is a division of AGX Freight based in Jacksonville, FL. We are full service logistics provider. We have direct business all over the Southeast. We have a terminal in Orangeburg, SC, where we are able to service multiple customers.

We follow “safety first, safety always” business practices. Continuous training and a disciplined adherence to the industry’s increasing safety regulations make us an ideal trading partner for shippers that expect secure and safety compliant transport services. 

We utilize our industry leading, cloud based, transportation management software (TMS) to provide visibility, and help you stay ahead of the competition. Our TMS is customizable and handles all modes of transportation, including: small package, LTL, partial and truckload, moving domestically and internationally, whether traveling via highway, railroad, air or ocean.


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