Trucking Industry Charities: An Interview with Trucker Charity Inc.

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Some roads are longer than others, and those in the trucking industry know that anything can be waiting around the bend. Sometimes, things happen on the road that are beyond our control. In these instances, it’s important to know that there is someone out there who cares. Big Rig Banter, a trucking podcast powered by AllTruckJobs, interviewed several trucking industry charities in the month of November, all of which offer different services to truck drivers in the event of an emergency. Trucker Charity Inc. is one of the charities interviewed – check out these four things you should know about them!

Four Things to Know about Trucker Charity Inc.

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1. How did Trucker Charity get started?

Lance Wood is the president, founder, and CEO of Trucker Charity Inc. He started the organization in xx because xx.

2. What does Trucker Charity do?

Trucker Charity provides emergency assistance to truckers on the road, whether it’s getting them help if their truck breaks down to help them get home in the event of an emergency. It also does what is called The Final Ride, helping transport home a trucker’s body if he or she dies on the road. One thing the charity doesn’t help with is medical bills. A unique thing that the organization does – which is now 50 percent of what they do – is life coaching. What is life coaching, you ask?

What is life coaching?

Wood described life coaching as effective listening. He explained that instead of venting to friends or family, who may persuade you or have a personal interest in your decisions, life coaches can listen and advise objectively. Truckers call the charity to talk about whatever – “It could be anything. Life’s full of problems,” Wood said. Some of the life coaches are certified, will others are not. For example, Wood specializes in addiction coaching, which is actually a growing issue in the industry. Addiction is “that little black sheep one wants to talk about,” Wood said. His organization educates drivers on the subject so that they understand they are “federally protected if they get help before they start failing drug tests.”

Regardless of a driver’s struggles, they can call Trucker Charity 24 hours a day, seven days a week to chat. “They just want someone to talk to,” Wood said.

3. How many people use Trucker Charity?

On average, Trucker Charity assists 156 people per year. However, this year the numbers are slightly less than normal, with a total of about 88 people. These stats do not include how many people call in for life coaching. It’s not unusual that the numbers have dropped, even though there are more drivers on the road, Wood clarified.

“When the economy is good, there’s less need for what we do,” Wood said. “Trucking is booming right now.”

4. How do you get in touch with Trucker Charity?

Trucker Charity’s services, especially the life coaching aspect, are extremely valuable to the trucking industry because not all drivers have someone that they can call at all hours of the day. If anyone needs assistance from Trucker Charity, whether it be simple to vent or something more complicated, like help with an emergency, they can call the organization at 888-523-0087 or visit the website:

Trucking Industry Charities: Listen here!

Trucker Charity is one of many nonprofits out there that are dedicated to helping truck drivers. Check out Big Rig Banter’s episode about trucking industry charities, which includes interviews with Truckers Final Mile, Operation Roger, and St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund.

Which of the trucking industry charities is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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